WGL Holdings Customer Benefits

  • Washington Gas will provide the same great service and an added ability to grow, create local jobs and continue to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy.
  • U.S. headquarters for a growing energy company – creating long-term jobs in the energy economy and good, locally based jobs.
  • Continuing and deepening a local, community focus, with an added emphasis on training and education.
  • A continued commitment to cleaner energy – from natural gas to wind to solar to battery storage, as well as fuel cell technology.

Opportunity: What do I get from this merger?

  • Two world-class companies coming together to provide clean, reliable and affordable energy, a new headquarters for the Washington Metropolitan Area that will generate jobs in the new energy economy future.
  • WGL Holdings is staying put and AltaGas will move its U.S. headquarters to the Washington Metropolitan Area.
  • No layoffs are planned as a result of this combination, same or enhanced employee pay, benefits, job security, retirement, and pension security.
  • Vision for more growth and jobs in the advanced energy economy, including distributed and renewable energy generation, battery storage and other customer-focused energy products.
  • Clean energy – natural gas, wind, hydro, solar and battery fuel cell technology.
  • Ongoing safe, reliable and affordable energy.


  • Seamless transition, continued, reliable service. No interruption. The best of WGL.
    • Continued leadership in the local philanthropic community and looking to expand it:
      • Work with local leaders to find a broader and more robust clean energy and job-training program.
      • Low income assistance and increased energy efficiency assistance.
  • Ongoing safe, reliable and affordable energy.


  • Keep Washington Gas as a local company, managed here in the Washington Metropolitan Area, accessible, open, and responsive to local needs.

  • Commitment to continue WGL Holdings’ proactive, productive and transparent relationship with regulators and their staff.

How we do our job

  • Respect. Listen. Deliver for the customer and the community.